German Esports racer Alexander Dornieden has signed up with FA Racing Logitech G for the 2019 campaign, and is set to represent the outfit across Gran Turismo Sport, rFactor 2 and Project Cars 2.

Alexander is a decorated Esports competitor and brings a host of experience to the fold at FA Racing Logitech G. His career began in 2015, and the flow of silverware started just a year later with second spot in the DTM Wintercup.

He then went on to take victory in the ADAC Esports championship, fourth in Mercedes AMG’s eRacing finals and the 2017 title in the World Touring Car Cup’s Esports competition. In 2018, he entered the eROC – the Race of Champions’ Esports competition, finishing runner up. He added the Superracer Multiplayer Championship crown to his trophy cabinet in 2018.

Get to know Alexander a little better 👇

How does it feel to have joined FA Racing Logitech G and represent Fernando Alonso?

I want to represent the team as well as possible and win championships - just to have a good performance this year. It’s a big honour to race for Fernando Alonso. I watch Formula 1 and have done since I was a kid. I’ve seen him racing and to be a part of his team now is such a good feeling. Being able to compete for him is amazing.

If you had one question for Fernando what would it be?

I would ask if he thinks that a gamer might be able to make it into F1 in the future.

What’s your favourite game to play and why?

Right now, it’s GT Sport but it changes from year to year.

What are your aims for the season?

I want to get as many titles as possible and win everything!

What car would you have if money wasn’t an object?

I would say a Porsche GT2RS, a really nice car. Probably not the most practical!

Who’s your biggest rival?

It’s pretty hard to say, because I’m jumping between games and rivals change all the time. I don’t have just one.

How long have you been racing or gaming for?

I played a bit when I was little but not for long. I hadn’t done any racing games for a long time and came back to sim racing three or four years ago.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I had the dream to be an F1 driver from a young age, watching the races with my Dad. I also wanted to be a cook. I can’t remember that but that’s what my parents told me. Steak is my favourite dish!

What do you do in your free time?

I like sport in general and football as well as the NFL. Motorsport’s the big passion though.

What do you enjoy most about gaming?

If you come home from work it’s something you can just go and do for fun.

How often do you train?

It depends on which events I’m preparing for but on average, two to three hours but way more for tournament preparation.

What advice would you give to those looking to get into sim racing?

Respect the others you play against and if you don’t feel comfortable in online lobbies, play it for yourself first.