FA Racing Logitech G has announced the signing of Kristian Kwietniewski, who will compete across iRacing, Gran Turismo Sport and Project Cars 2 for the outfit.

Kristian is fresh out of the Logitech G Challenge, having been crowned Logitech G Paris Games Week Champion in 2018 and made the McLaren Shadow semi-finals in the same year, heading to the McLaren Technology Centre in the UK.

"My ambition is to help take FA Racing Logitech G to the top in all of the championship’s we’re competing in," he said. "I will give my best and at a minimum I am looking for podiums. First up, it’s Project Cars 2 and I want to win it. Of course, I am hoping to learn a lot and I think I’ll be at my best and will enjoy racing with such a talented team.

"For me, racing for Fernando Alonso is the biggest motivation. I will be dedicating all of my time and I’ll be looking to show and produce my best. I know that I’ll improve with this team and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

Get to know Kristian a little better 👇

If you had one question for Fernando, what would it be?

I’d have so many things to ask but the most interesting for me would be to ask what the best moment in his career or life has been to date.

What’s your favourite game and why?

In terms of a simulator, my favourite game is iRacing because it’s been improved so much over time. They have very good physics and all weathers. Real drivers like Max Verstappen and Lando Norris use it as it’s so close to reality.

If money was no object, what car would you like to drive every day?

I think the McLaren P1 GTR. Two months ago, I went to the McLaren Technology Centre and I saw the car first hand. It’s incredible.

Who is your biggest rival?

For me, it’s my friend Nestor Garcia. He’s my best friend and family friend. I always have him as a reference as he’s so fast at every simulator he tries.

When did you start racing?

With iRacing, about six or seven years ago.

What was your dream when you were going up?

My dream was to be a racing driver and I worked so much at it. I’m working slowly towards getting there which makes me very happy.

What do you like to do outside of gaming?

I love to spend time with my girlfriend and we travel so much. We’re always going somewhere. I also like to play football or go karting with my friends. I’m pretty sporting.

What do you enjoy most about gaming?

I love the adrenaline during the racing. You must drive on the limit every lap and when you achieve the victory, it’s the best feeling.

How many times a week do you train?

I train two or three times per week but now I’ve signed up for FA Racing Logitech G I will be training two or three hours per day.

What advice would you give to people wanting to race online?

I think that they must trust their selves. With time and dedication, you can reach your goals and your dreams. Don’t worry about being new to racing. Give it a go and don’t let being a couple of seconds off when you’re new put you off. Train hard and work hard and you’ll see how much you can improve.